Looking for fall work? Pick Apple Drops!

This past October, Scotty and I got together some friends and family and drove to the Annapolis Valley for a day of good honest work at Foote Family Farm. Of course, not everything turned out exactly how we planned, but isn’t that always the way of it?

Back in high school, I went apple picking a few times as part of a school fundraiser. It’s hard work, and (let’s be honest) the pay is crap. If you’re a pretty intense worker, you might make minimum wage if you’re lucky. If you bring along a few extra intense workers, you’ll probably all still even out at minimum wage.

The same holds true for berry picking. Just ask Scotty sometime about the weekend we picked strawberries for pay. (I recommend raspberries, personally. Much easier on your back.)

This time, we set out with two car loads of people who had never even been to an apple orchard before, prepared for an energetic day of hard work and good company…

The Plan

  • Get up with the sun, for a bright early start
  • Pick apples!
  • Eat a picnic lunch in the orchard
  • Earn some pocket change
  • Promptly spend it on apple cider & local honey

The Reality

  • We got up bright and early and marvelled at the early morning fog (CHECK)
  • The farmer was at church, so his wife sent us to wander and explore the orchard until 10:30AM.
  • We picked apples! (CHECK)
  • After filling the first bin with apples, it started to pour down rain. (I swear I checked the forecasts earlier in the week!) We stuck it out until it was too late, and by the time we finished the second bin we were cold, drenched and ready to stop.
  • Once in dry clothes (we all brought a change of clothes, but only one), we squared up with the farmer and earned a whopping $5 each (pocket change = CHECK)
  • We bought apple cider, wild blueberry juice, and honey from their store (spend it all = CHECK)
  • Since we’d been rained out, a picnic in the orchard wasn’t an option, so we drove 30 minutes to Acadia University in Wolfville and broke out our picnic in their beautiful Conservatory.
  • Incidentally, there was a 4 string quartet setting up to play in the same building, with FREE admission! We stayed for musical inspiration before driving back to Halifax.

2 thoughts on “Looking for fall work? Pick Apple Drops!

  1. What1!!!! Such a wonderful thing to do…. I pretty much think the best apples I ever had were at the Apple Blossom Festival. (am I remembering this right? Blossoms and Apples don’t happen at the same time)…
    ANYWAYS! Yay! Sounds amazing!

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