Return to Canada Part3: Bonny England!

From Paris, we chased down Allison (Scotty’s sister) on the Isle of White.

On arriving at the train station on the Isle of Wight, our cab driver informed us that, “You can’t get any Souther than this!” 🙂

One impossible bus ride later (involving a double decker, tight corners, grabby tree branches and narrow country roads), and Allison was showing us around and taking us for a hike over the cliffs to the next town.

It was gorgeous.
We also went to London… AND Manchester. For some crazy reason, I didn’t take a single picture during any of that. Among the many things not pictured here, we…

  • Ate fish and chips by the ocean
  • Saw palm trees
  • Rode around on the top level of bright red open-top, two-level buses
  • Talked to a very nice Chinese man while searching for Allison
  • Visited a kick-ass children’s ESL camp on the Isle of Wight
  • Had a picnic along the Princess Diana walk in London’s Hyde Park
  • Took a bus to Manchester INSTEAD of seeing Buckingham Palace (we clearly have to go back)
  • Ate delicious home made pasta, compliments of our friend Cam
  • Saw functioning cotton looms and steam engines at the Museum of Science and Industry
  • Learned the difference between an Americano and a Long Black (It’s serious stuff. Don’t mix it up!)
  • Left laundry behind. (Enjoy my favourite shirts, London!)
  • Survived a crazy Lufstansa Air baggage mix-up, with the help of a very nice ticket counter lady.
  • Settled in for a direct flight to Canada!

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