Return to Canada Part1: Gagnam Style!


You know you’re in Korea when…


When we planned our flight back to Canada, we took a minute to compare the cost of a direct flight from Beijing to Halifax… versus a flight across Europe. Europe won.

“But Korea is East of China!” you might say. And right you are! But we have some lovely friends there who put up with us and showed us around for 3 days. I was so busy having fun that I barely took any pictures!

Among the many, many things not pictured here, we experienced Korean…

  • Karaoke bar — known as KTV in China and “norebang” in Korea
  • “Love Hotels” — It’s exactly what you think.
  • Subway system — goin’ to the Soul Station!
  • Barbecue – delish!
  • Kimchi – spicy!
  • Board game café – Fun time playing Munchkin and Snakes & Ladders
  • Outdoor market – That’s where the make-up came from!

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