Saying Farewell to Beijing

It’s crazy to think we’re already at the end of our year in China! In our last week here, we said a lot of goodbyes.

Scotty can attest to the fact that I spent most of June either preparing for or marking exams. Between final projects, writing the exams themselves, and finalizing everything for report cards, the end of a school year is always a busy time for teachers!

The night I finished marking the exams, we also had a farewell dinner and drinks for Doro, a good friend from Germany who’s definitely been a highlight in our stay here. The same week, I submitted all my marks for report cards, and we said our farewells to the other teachers in the Nova Scotia program at the school.

Our own farewell party was dinner and drinks at 4 Corners, a restaurant near the drum tower (Gulou) north of the Forbidden City. It was great seeing everyone who made it out! (Though I have to admit, the pictures are quite blurry)

That same weekend, I went to a filming in Houhai for clips that will be in Beijing’s very own I Charleston video. (See, for example, I Charleston Paris) If you’re interested in a sneak preview, here’s a bit of a routine some of the dancers were practicing: link. That Monday, there was an absolute downpour, but Scotty and I made it out for the regular social dance at CD Blues. I don’t have any pictures from CD Blues, but they gave us a solid send-off with my very own jam — and it started and ended with a dance with Scotty.

For those who don’t know, a jam is usually done for birthdays and good-byes. The person in whose honour the dance is held stands in the middle of a circle of dancers while they all compete to steal him or her away for a few seconds of dancing during one full song. It’s pretty fast-paced and a lot of fun!

Before leaving the city, Scotty and I went out for dinner in one of our favourite Chinese restaurants in the area: Taiwan. Good food, good friends… we’ve got a lot of memories to take home with us!

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