Exploring the Wild Wall

In the past month or so, Scotty and I have both been getting out and being more active. In fact, Scotty went nearly every weekend either hiking or climbing around Beijing both in the great outdoors and at indoor climbing walls. For me, these trips were a much-needed breath of fresh air and a great way to see more of the province of Beijing.

For those who don’t know, the Great Wall is made of many different sections. Some, like the Badaling wall (accessible by bus and train from Beijing) or the Mutianyu wall (where we went when we first arrived), have been restored and are kept safe for tourists. But most sections of the wall have deteriorated with time and are now quite overgrown. These sections can be difficult to access and are more popular with serious campers and hikers who understand the risks involved.

The gallery below has pictures from two trips we both went on: a June hike and barbecue with Swing Beijing dancers, and a much more intense 6-hour hike along a wild portion of the Great Wall from our last weekend in Beijing.

For me, the extensive hike on the Wild Wall both mirrored and contrasted with our quick visit to the more touristy Mutianyu during our first week in China. It was a fitting end to our year in this dynamic and changing country.


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