We Ran Away to the Mountains

Overlooking Chuandixia

In our new city, new country, working at new jobs and meeting new people, Scotty and I often find we are overwhelmed by long work hours and the struggle to fit more than 24 hours worth of things into a day. On top of that, the Beijing pollution this Sunday was nearly at AQI 400 (“Hazardous”), and all physical activity outdoors was strongly discouraged by the US Embassy’s air quality website. For context, today Toronto’s air quality reads in at AQI 14.

So this past weekend, we ran away to the mountains.

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A Miniature Forest

Perspective is an incredible tool.

When I was a child, one of my friends had this enormous plush dog, and we would put its fur right up to our faces, peering through the tangles of its shaggy coat, and make up elaborate stories about our travels through this white jungle.

Sitting on Citadel Hill recently, I was reminded of that as I squinted up through the green, green, blades of grass and marveled at the miniature world I found there.