The “Cold” Northern Capital

Our next stop was Chiang Mai. According to a write-up in a local museum, Thailand’s northern capital has a “very cold climate” with average lows of 20°C, and average highs only reaching about 32°C through the year. (I know, right?)

We arrived nearly a week ago, intending to stay only a few days. Since then, we’ve been sucked in by the friendly faces and the relaxed atmosphere. Cheap Thai massages and delicious food haven’t hurt either! By a bit more luck, we also met up with Doro, the same friend we spent New Year’s Eve with in Beijing. 🙂
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Changing with the Seasons

This photo was taken in Fall of 2011 and recalls for me thoughts of walking paths in Quebec City, the smell of frost on autumn leaves, the many times since then that I have made the 11-hour drive between Halifax and Quebec, and the choices that made me do it.

This has been a year of growth, both together and apart. In less than two weeks, nine months of distance will come to a close. In another few months, we will take off together to explore new cities, new countries, and new continents. While these are far from uncharted lands, they are new to us. But I daresay we’re up for the challenge.