Canadian Winter

I had my first snow day of the year today! While visiting my Mom in the Annapolis Valley, Scotty and I stayed in while 20 cm of snow came down around us. He made me a delicious lunch. We watched movies and baked with Mom. I updated my blog. What more could you ask for?

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Looking for fall work? Pick Apple Drops!

This past October, Scotty and I got together some friends and family and drove to the Annapolis Valley for a day of good honest work at Foote Family Farm. Of course, not everything turned out exactly how we planned, but isn’t that always the way of it?

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Christmas in Beijing

Merry Christmas! It’s crazy how fast the year has gone by!

This year is Scotty’s and my first Christmas as an officially married couple, and (surprisingly) the first Christmas away from family for both of us. We’ve both lived or traveled elsewhere in North America, but we’ve always gone back to Nova Scotia for Christmas. Here are a few of the things we did to celebrate the holidays here in Beijing. Continue reading

Om Nom Jiaozi

Final Product

Last Sunday, we were invited over to visit a friend from one of the many schools where Scotty tutors English. The invitation was to come for the afternoon to watch a movie and make dumplings. Little did we know that making dumplings is a HUGE event that traditionally involves several families getting together and prepping enough food to feed everyone. It was tons of fun and great to be a part of it!

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Love & Cake Fights Go Hand in Hand

Since Scotty’s return to Halifax, we’ve been consistently on the go making time to see family and friends, sell or pack our things and sort out all kinds of details and paperwork.

ONE of those bits of paperwork was our “proof of marital status” for our Chinese work visas.

So we’ve eloped. Mid-June, in the Public Gardens, with no one but the JP and our two witnesses, we officially tied the knot. If you’re feeling left out, don’t. Sometime in the coming years, we’ll have a proper party with family, friends, and a year’s worth of homemade wine… And you will ALL be invited.

In the meanwhile, we’ll use July 31 as our anniversary date, in celebration of the impromptu ceremony and cake fight that was sprung on us by Scotty’s family this week in Bathurst.

Quote of the week: “That’ll teach you to elope without inviting us!”

Things Worth Keeping

With the move to China on my mind, I find myself evaluating my (far too numerous) possessions and making a mental checklist of things to sell, things to give away, and things to keep. In the Things to Keep category, there are things to bring with us and things to store in Canada until we return.

It’s an interesting process, and one that brings with it a few insights about myself and what I consider to be important.

So we’ll sell the car and some furniture, give away plants, clothing and knick knacks, leave the cat with Mom for safe keeping, but keep the piano, old books and photographs, and the quilt my grandmother made me.

Some things are too precious not to keep.