Things We Do For Fun

Big John Blues Band

Mixed in with our busy schedules, Scotty and I have been making time to get out and try new things in Beijing. High on our list?
– Swing Dancing. We’ve joined lessons with Swing Beijing, and now we go every Thursday.
– Live Music. We’ve gone to some good shows at Modernista, at CD Blues, and at Le Petit Gourmand. The photo above is of the Big John Blues Band in CD Blues, with an amazing guest singer.
– Cafes. The Bookworm is an easy favorite, with floor to ceiling bookshelves. One of the gallery photos shows Scotty in a similar cafe called Le Petit Gourmand.

Some of our friends will be pleased to know that we’ve also found Noah’s Comic Cafe, which has regular games nights. So far, all the games are in Chinese, but we did get in a game of Settlers of Catan, and we found Munchkin!
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Things Worth Keeping

With the move to China on my mind, I find myself evaluating my (far too numerous) possessions and making a mental checklist of things to sell, things to give away, and things to keep. In the Things to Keep category, there are things to bring with us and things to store in Canada until we return.

It’s an interesting process, and one that brings with it a few insights about myself and what I consider to be important.

So we’ll sell the car and some furniture, give away plants, clothing and knick knacks, leave the cat with Mom for safe keeping, but keep the piano, old books and photographs, and the quilt my grandmother made me.

Some things are too precious not to keep.