Hello Vancouver, Hello Pacific

On our way from Halifax to China, we decided to stop over in Calgary for a few hours to see my brother Andrew, followed by about a week in Vancouver on the other coast. Here are a few photos from our last week in Canada.

Thanks to all you wonderful people who made our trip awesome!

Visits in Calgary with Andrew. We ate breakfast/lunch (depending on which time zone you’re in) and played ukulele.

Scotty and I wandered around the city and found a rainbow yarnbomb!

We filled up on these delicious blackberries that we found just about everywhere.

Scotty and Niko being super gansta on the skytrain. Niko, along with Mim, were our hosts for the week in Vancouver.

Mim (left) was our co-host along with Niko. Mikey (middle) came along with us for a day of adventuring around town.

Stanley Park.. it’s got trees! This photo was taken by Jay, a long time friend of Scotty’s. We met up with him and his wife Jessica for some park explorations.

Anne is another fantastic friend we caught up with in Van-city. She took a day to tour us around and drove us out to Squamish and a beautiful park by the mountains.

Mikey and Niko being awesome. On one of our last days in Vancouver, we went with Niko, Mim and Mikey to a beach by the University of BC. We cut our feet up something awful, but it was worth it!

And then we got on an airplane. These are our squished faces saying goodbye to Canada.

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