Love & Cake Fights Go Hand in Hand

Since Scotty’s return to Halifax, we’ve been consistently on the go making time to see family and friends, sell or pack our things and sort out all kinds of details and paperwork.

ONE of those bits of paperwork was our “proof of marital status” for our Chinese work visas.

So we’ve eloped. Mid-June, in the Public Gardens, with no one but the JP and our two witnesses, we officially tied the knot. If you’re feeling left out, don’t. Sometime in the coming years, we’ll have a proper party with family, friends, and a year’s worth of homemade wine… And you will ALL be invited.

In the meanwhile, we’ll use July 31 as our anniversary date, in celebration of the impromptu ceremony and cake fight that was sprung on us by Scotty’s family this week in Bathurst.

Quote of the week: “That’ll teach you to elope without inviting us!”

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