Beijing Hutongs

In March, Beijing’s winter started warming up. We went pretty quickly from freeze-your-face-off icy winds to the smell of damp earth and melting ice. All of a sudden, I didn’t need three pairs of long johns and ten scarves! It was a miracle!

We did get one last snowfall in March, and it was so beautiful that even the locals were out taking pictures of the crisp white stuff. Around the same time, Scotty and I decided to celebrate the warmer weather and go for a walk in our “backyard.” Here are some pictures from that week in March.

One thought on “Beijing Hutongs

  1. Hahahaha, Scotty’s face is priceless!
    Wonderful pics. Definitely captured some hutong-ness. Love the door knocks. Love the silhouetted rooster. Jim is definitely tall!

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