A Weekend in Korea

“Oh, you know, we just popped over to Korea for the weekend…!”

How often do you get to say something like that, really?

Last month, a group of fine folks from the swing dance group (Swing Beijing) we’ve been taking lessons with all went over for the annual event Camp Swing It… and we signed up and made a mini-vacation out of it! Admittedly, swing dancing has been more my thing than Scotty’s, but he’s been a wonderful sport and now regularly spins me around when we’re walking about.

This was also our last weekend in Asia with Becky, who we met here in Beijing and who has become a fast friend. It was nice to be able to do a bit of touring around Seoul with her and see the cherry blossoms!


Here’s a quick video from Camp Swing It. This was the warm up in one of the Jack & Jill competitions — can you believe that none of these pairs had ever danced together before?

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