Island Adventure

For the last leg of our Thailand adventures, Scotty and I quite literally went to a tropical island, had long walks on the beach, stayed in a seaside bungalow shaded by palm trees, and had an adventure. It was amazing.

Top of the list was getting certified as open water divers!

On the island of Koh Tao, we spent a lot of time over yonder. There’s amazing food, fire performances at night, a bar that looks like it came out of a pirate movie, and Thai women just waiting to beat you at Connect Four.

These bottles are everywhere. Homemade cider, you say? Think again!

I caught this shot during a 5 minute bout of rain. Alvaro Diving School is where we spent 3 days learning to be open water divers!

During another 20 minute downpour, this waterfall started pouring down the stairs up to our hut in the palm trees.

At the end of our stay, we’d been good with our budget, so we decided to get a room in one of the nicer seaside bungalows. That’s our spot, through those trees!

They fold your towels into works of art! Ours were two swans.

I was absolutely thrilled with this trip. It was easily the longest and most exciting vacation either of us has ever had. Back in Beijing now, it’s been funny going back to the same routine of work, eat, sleep. But we’ve carried a lot of good memories with us!

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  1. Thanks guys! This post was long overdue. We came back from Thailand at the end of February! Things have been steady in Beijing since then, and we’re actually in Seoul this weekend for a dance workshop. 🙂

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