Not As Easy As It Looks

Yesterday, Scotty and I signed up for a day-long Hike & Bike in Doi-Pui National Park. It was a gorgeous day, and we set out with high hopes of seeing beautiful scenery and getting in some exercise while we were at it. (First and last photos are compliments of Scotty)

Things we accomplished on the trip?
– Meet rows and rows of ants? CHECK (here is their hill)

– See beautiful scenery? CHECK!

– Eat coffee berries? CHECK (the red fruit is quite sweet)

– Visit a mountain village? CHECK (don’t be fooled by the rustic charm. They may have squat toilets and minimal plumbing, but they have satellite TV!)

– Bike down a mountain? CHECK!
– Break our bums going over massive rocks where the roads had been washed out by the rainy season? CHECK
– Fall off my bike? CHECK! (I’m ok. I was well suited up with helmet and padding. Nothing a few Thai massages won’t fix.)
– Get up laughing? CHECK

– Witness flat tires, bad breaks and a snapped chain? Oh yes. (Did I mention it was rough going?)
– Get a light sunburn? CHECK

– Stop and take it all in? CHECK

– Meet fellow travelers, and share a well deserved meal on a mountain-side lake? CHECK!

– Finish the day off with some serious foot massages? CHECK (worth it)

All in all, it was a pretty intense trip. All of us agreed that it was far from the leisurely sight seeing trek the brochure made it out to be! But we all survived, and if we’re now a little stiff in the morning, I’m sure it’ll just serve to make us stronger. ๐Ÿ™‚

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