Learning to Cook: Thai Style

Nearly everyone we talked to in Chiang Mai recommended we take a Thai cooking class, and to add to the fun we decided to take a day trip to a local organic farm with Thai Farms Cooking School.

For me, it was the perfect low-key activity to get us out of the city. Scotty describes it as a good way to take a little bit of Thailand home with us.

We were picked up at the entrance to our hostel, and the first stop in the morning was a Thai market where we learned about different types of rice and how coconut milk is made (they don’t just chop open a coconut and pour it out!)

At the farm, we got a tour of the garden from our tiny instructor, Apple.

I got to choose, cook, and eat 4 dishes…
1. Chicken soup

2 + 3. Red curry with chicken & Sweet basil with chicken

4. Mango with sticky rice.

I’ve had this a few times, and it’s definitely my new favorite dessert.

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