Christmas in Beijing

Merry Christmas! It’s crazy how fast the year has gone by!

This year is Scotty’s and my first Christmas as an officially married couple, and (surprisingly) the first Christmas away from family for both of us. We’ve both lived or traveled elsewhere in North America, but we’ve always gone back to Nova Scotia for Christmas. Here are a few of the things we did to celebrate the holidays here in Beijing.

1. Teach!

Christmas Decorations

We did get a three-day weekend with Christmas Eve off, but we were actually at school working on Christmas Day. The week before, we made a smorgasbord of Christmas homemade decorations with the students, and on Christmas Day the students organized an afternoon Christmas Party for everyone. We’ve since learned that in China, a “party” almost always means a talent show, so we were treated to a variety of musical performances by the students!

2. Peking Duck

Peking Duck

Did you know that the French name for “Beijing” is “Pekin”?

This was our first real taste of Peking Duck in Beijing. Our favourite French ex-pat Lucille invited us out for a fantastic duck dinner with her mother and boyfriend during the long weekend. In case you can’t tell, that waiter is carving our freshly roasted duck right beside our table. Sadly (or happily?) I was so busy enjoying myself that this is the only picture I took!

3. Chinese Family Christmas with Jian and Co.

Christmas with Jian

Remember when we made dumplings? Well, Jian invited us back for Christmas dinner with his family and friends. This time, we taught them how to use their new game of Twister, experienced some living room karaoke, and were treated to delicious hot pot.

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